I might as well face it I’m addicted to love…..I Love being able to document all the moments of your day that go so quickly they can be forgotten, until the moment your gallery arrives in your inbox and you get to relive it all again and see details, love and laughter you never noticed on the day.

Being part of Families coming together through marriage or couples becoming their own family is such a privilege to me and I will most likely cry at some point!! From the moment’s at the start of the day, ceremony, portraits and dancing I tend to document through lifestyle, relaxed and candid photographs except for a selection of images set up for family images that parent/grandparent or aunts and uncles like to place on the mantlepiece.

What will it cost? | I have mini wedding packages, full wedding packages and extra packages starting from £700.  Finding out more about your wedding & what you are looking for will help determine which suits your needs most.