The Hobby Sessions

What is a Hobby Session?
Is it another photography trend like Cake Smashes?
Who is it for?

Well the short answer is, A Hobby Session is when I come and document your child’s passion. Whether it be Ice Hockey, Dancing, Rugby or Piano lessons. What ever the hobby is, I want to diarise the moments and love of it through photography.
I feel I need to say ‘Hobby’ lightly as I have found for parents it is more, It is their evenings, their long lies, they go without but most of all it’s for their children and the love the for them. The Children learn teamwork, dedication and how to win and how to lose. A hobby is more than just a sport or activities, A hobby is everyday and by booking a session your children will have memories to look back on for life. |




2 H O U R S  C O V E R A G E

3  D I G I T A L  I M A G E S

P R O F E S S I O N A L  I M A G E  E D I T I N G

O N L I N E  P R O O F  G A L L E R Y