What is a Family Session? | To me it a fun, outdoor session; taken at the beach, the forest or an urban location that helps sum up your children at this moment in time, a time that goes so quickly that soon you’ll be looking back as you do with your own childhood photos.
My style is a mix between lifestyle and posed, We choose the location and perfect time, a discussion on what to wear and make it fun few hours. I look to shoot in a few different locations helping kids not get bored and hopefully make it a fun day out with photos as the bonus. I want to capture the laughing, the crying and in my case my favourite photo of my own child is a huffy face with folded arms. I like remembering moments and hope to do that for you. I also add in a few portrait/set up shots for those mantle piece frames.|



2 H O U R S  C O V E R A G E

3  D I G I T A L  I M A G E S

P R O F E S S I O N A L  I M A G E  E D I T I N G

O N L I N E  P R O O F  G A L L E R Y